Cheshire Girls Football League

Cheshire Girls Football League
Season: 2017-18
Last update: Friday 20th April 2018 @ 19:03
Visitors this week: 1287
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Cheshire Girls Football League

CHESHIRE FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS 2015. Welcome to Cheshire Girls Football League. It all started in the mid-90s when the managers of half a dozen newly formed girls' football teams got together with the support of Cheshire FA and created... More

League News
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Important Info - Registration Cards

(Harvey Powell 23/10/2012)
Dear Manager / Coach,
Please note that it is a League requirement that all players registration cards must be checked and read out before each kick off. Failure to do so could lead to forfeit of the game and a possible fine. No player without a valid registration card can play in a League match.Best practice is to line the teams up on the centre circle and each team to go through the cards with the other and asking the girls to confirm their name as called. This ideally should also be done in the presence of the referee. Please see League Links for further details. If you do not have a card for a particular player with you then she cannot play. If you have recently registered a new player, please ensure you have the card before kick off by checking that it will be ready with the registrations secretary beforehand.
Thank you for your attention to this.